What Are The House Edges And Odds In Baccarat?

What are the house edges and odds in Baccarat?

Like just about any casino game you play both live and online, baccarat gives the house some edge in terms of odds. Otherwise, the casino would have no reason to play the game, don’t you think so? Although it is true that some casino games can be more profitable if played in a certain way, however, baccarat is not one of them.

No, in baccarat the house has an advantage on all bets, so if you bet on all hands, you will most likely end up losing, unless you have a very lucky streak and win every time.

But what are the odds and payouts in baccarat? Well, baccarat is one of those games where the house has a small edge. The house edge in baccarat depends on how many decks the house uses; We will make the comparison in this article.

What you should keep in mind is almost any casino has a 5% commission on all bets you win against the house. So even if a hand is equal in money (1-1), the house bet would only pay 0.95-1. This payout structure is the same no matter which casino you are sitting at.

So, the payouts in baccarat are:

0.95-1 for all wins on the house

1.1 for all wins on the player

8.1 for all wins on a tie

So far we have established the payout structure in baccarat, now let’s review the odds of each winning hand, first using eight decks.

House will win 45.86% of the time

Player will win 44.62% of the time

Tie will win 9.52% of the time

Those are the odds if the house uses eight decks, now let’s look at what it would be like to play baccarat with six decks:

The house will win 45.87% of the time

The player will win 44.63% of the time

The tie will win 9.5% of the time

As you can see, it makes very little difference whether 8 or 6 decks are used, so So if you go to the casino and you’re worried about the percentages, it really doesn’t make much of a difference unless you play thousands of hands.

However, what happens if you play with a single deck?

House will win 45.96% of the time

Player will win 44.68% of the time

Tie will win 9.36% of the time

The big difference is that the odds of a tie are reduced the fewer decks the casino is using.

The house edge in baccarat betting is:

1.06% on the house bet

1.24% on the player bet

14.4% on the tie bet (on average).

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