Welfare Comments


1. WE are on the "right track" in presenting to the American People and Voters the issues of Our "Workfare" vs. "Welfare" Program as part of Our Platform.

2. However, the "Workfare" Program becomes "derailed" when WE set "unreasonable" time-limits like 96-hours (4-days) for completing repairs for Violation of "Workfare" agreements.

3. The "Workfare" Program also becomes "derailed" when WE set "unlawful” time-limits like 24-hours for eviction for selling, purchasing or using "illegal drugs" or 48-hours for Eviction for Violating other sections of "Workfare" agreements, as these time-limits not only Violate all State Landlord and Tenant Statutes but would also Violate all Federal and State Constitutional "Due Process" Laws.

4. Other issues that must be considered in switching from "Welfare" to "Workfare" are the issues of why a person or family is in need of Welfare, such as:

A. Is it because they just don't want to work?

B. Or is it because they have been "discriminated" against in both "hiring" and/or "pay practices" because of their Race, Color, National Origin or Religion or Sexual Orientation?
C. Or is it because they have children and can't afford appropriate and safe Child Care because they have been "discriminated" against "pay practices" because of their Race, Color, National Origin or Religion or Sexual Orientation, and/or are not receiving their due and Lawful "Child Support" from their Spouse?
D. Or is it because they have lost their job and only need temporary Welfare assistance?
E. Or is it because they have been sick or have become Disabled, and unable to work either temporarily or permanently?

F. Or is it because they have been displaced due to a "natural disaster"?

5. Realistically, Our Party or any other Party cannot expect a "System" which has been in place for more than 50-years to be changed overnight. To expect or make a Law that instantly changes the current "Welfare System" would:

A. Not only cause the suffering of certain adult Americans but the suffering of Minor Children of these Americans who do not have any control over their circumstances.

Since it's a "basic human survival instinct" to eat and keep your children fed and sheltered, it would cause the Murder, Robbery, Burglary, Larceny, and Auto Theft "Crime-Rate" to rise so substantially that the cost in human life and suffering of victims of the crimes, and the monetary losses to businesses and the increased costs of Federal, State, and Local Governments for Law Enforcement would far exceed the savings from forcing certain Americans and their Minor Children to too quickly and radically comply with a "New Welfare System" which is just called by another name - "Workfare"...
Therefore, this specific part of Our Platform must be "Amended." Otherwise, Government under the Veterans Party of America will be seen as an Unconstitutional and Prejudicial Government of "Dictators" rather than a Constitutional and Non-Prejudicial Government who are "Servants of all the People"...
Respectfully submitted,
Terry Richards