We Veterans are “We The People”, we are the government, we are the ones who put life and limb on the line to protect, keep and lead this nation to freedom during its darkest hours. Our families have also sacrificed and endured losses other families should not go through. We have earned the right to protect, keep and lead this nation during peacetime as well. Veterans have taken an oath to protect this country from enemies both foreign and domestic.  To keep free, ALL American Citizens, not just “some” corporations or political elite.  Our party understands the issues and responsibilities of taxes, employment, health care, education, farming, industry, environment, social security and family values.

We Believe:  The expressions: “Veterans First” and “Veterans Preference” should actually mean something..  To give Veterans and their families everything that they have earned and were promised.  If this nation is truly grateful of its Veterans, then they should give Veterans the respect that they have earned.  To ensure that ALL Americans are fed, clothed, educated and cared for before we send ONE American Dollar to feed, clothe, educate and care for those of other countries.  To grant FULL concurrent receipt across the board, without compromise to ALL military retirees.  To return pride of nation and Patriotism back to all Americans.

The Issues presented here are items we are all concerned with.  They are not from one state or one person.  They are issues to be discussed before written as legislation.  We are growing and we are learning new things everyday.  If you see something that you would like to add your opinion on, please do so.  And as we discuss the smaller details of each issue, please remember that the main objective is to return this nation back to its rightful place in the world.

Who We Are

We are the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.  Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, Marine, Coasties.  Coming together once again as we did on the battlefield, to defeat an enemy that has prevented us from living with dignity and respect.

We are the Enlisted, Warrants and Officers who served to protect this country during all its hours of darkness.  We took an oath to protect this nation against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  We were never told to forget that oath, and we truly believe that our job is not done.

We are the Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Mothers, Fathers, Husbands, Wives, Sisters, Brothers, Children, Grandchildren, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins of those who served and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  We will not forget them and we will not let this Nation forget or abandon them.

On our web site you will find that the word "Veteran" is always capitalized no matter where it is in the sentence.  We believe that it is a title of honor and respect.  We also believe that it should be passed by both house and senate that this become law. We will call it the "Veterans Initiative".  And until such time as it comes to pass, political titles will be in lower case.


Some things take more time than others.  Even though all our founders agreed upon change the first was to declare their presence. In the document that starts; "We The People",  our history shows our Constitution was approved on July 4th, 1776.  Now that they were established, they began to prepare the next important document, "The Bill of Rights", also referred to as the first Ten Amendments.  These rights were discussed for a period of time prior to them being ratified.  It was not an overnight decision, in fact, it took 15 years to complete, 1791.  It is the same with the Veterans Party of America, we must first be recognized as such.  The following words and this entire website will mean nothing, if we do not work together and build the Veterans Party of America to where it should be.

       We understand that Veterans are both liberal and conservative and there are items we may not agree on.  We all took an oath to protect this country and I don't remember anyone telling us to forget about it when we left service.  Sometimes we must do what is right for our country. Once again just like when we were all on active duty, we will work as one, a team, that will go forward to accomplish our mission, our differences will only make us stronger. 

        Issues concerning a religious or moral nature should not be a political football being tossed around while throwing dispersions at others. Therefore, once again we say that this issue be discussed at your place of worship and in your home and should not be a part of the political arena. 

1.  Veterans Issues

    1.  Provide Concurrent Receipt for ALL military retirees. No Compromise, No Negotiations!

    2.  Provide Complete Medical coverage for ALL military retirees and their eligible family.

    3.  To make Military Retired pay totally tax exempt, just like many other DoD govt. employee pensions.

    4.  To make the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act USFSPA. ILLEGAL!

    5.  Abolishment of the Feres Doctrine.  Allow "redress" under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

    6.  To Provide Mandatory Total Funding for the Veterans Administration to care for ALL Our Veterans, before sending one American dollar out of our nation to care for the people of another nation. Including a state by state constitutional amendment to make it so.

    7.  To make the words "Veterans First" and "Veterans Preference" actually mean something.

    8.  To those within the VA claims system who do not obey the words "Give the Veteran the benefit of the doubt",  will be criminally punished to the full extent of the law when not followed to the letter of the law.  This will include civil action against the individuals who make up and sign the decisions.

    9.  Veterans who have exhausted their administrative remedies shall have a right to bring suit in a regular Federal District Court.  This complies with the notions of equal protection of the laws as listed in the 5th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

    10.  To Assist and complete claims for Veterans in a timely fashion, less than one year. (please refer to #5 above)

    11.  To adjust current military pay to coincide with their civilian counterpart. With incentives to include but not limited to; Skills Training, Education, Civilian Training and longevity in their total military career.

    12.  To insure that our National Guard and Reserves get all benefits due them while on active duty.  Including pay and health benefits for their family, matching their civilian jobs when called to active duty.

    13.  Require uniformed service unit commanders to formally brief personnel, regarding when and how Uniformed Spouses Protection Act provisions affect their lives, and the options they can implement to protect themselves.  These briefings should be given when the service member reports for duty, and at least annually, until they transfer to a new unit, retire from active duty or separate from the service.  Failure to comply with this policy would invalidate the Defense Finance and Accounting Service authority to divide subject service member retired pay.


(The above items will take care of those who put their lives on the line to insure this nation has rights. Below is for ALL Citizens of the United States of America.)


2.  Seniors Issues / Social Security

    1.  Provide decent care for ALL of our American Seniors.

    2.  If an American citizen has worked all their life and in their senior years still cannot provide for themselves, then we should provide a standard of living that allows them to live in dignity.  Including medical care, housing and nourishment. Funding will be provided from monies not sent overseas to care for other nations elderly.

    3.  This is what Social Security originally was intended to do when it was created in 1935.  But in the 1960's, the funds that American Citizens had paid into all their lives, were moved into a general fund for our government to dip into anytime they needed.


3.  Education

    1.  Funding of $180 Billion to our states for public education budgets, to be provided from the funds we now send overseas to provide education to third world nations. (Breaks down to $3.5 Billion per state)

    2.  To set a standard of Public School education for all states that would be met to continue federal funding.

    3.  To return discipline and respect back into the schools with appropriate punishment and no suspensions.

    4.  To provide less books and more educational tools for every student.*(click here for no books)

    5.  To commensurate public school teachers pay with those of corporate and government trainers.

    6.  To provide the proper and up to date equipment for teachers to use in the classroom.


4.  National Sales Tax / Fair Tax

    1.  For decades there has been talk about doing away with the IRS and replacing it with something else.  There have been praises and critics of this idea, but 90% of the critics were from the bureaucratic system that created it in the first place.  The other 10% of the critics were people afraid of change.  Well if something does not change, Veterans and American Citizens themselves will no longer be able to grasp hold and steer this country in the right direction.

    2.  To streamline the federal taxation system (IRS) by closing down more than 500 offices nationwide, which would save taxpayers the cost of; rent, electricity, phones, fax machines, copiers, paper, desks, computer systems, chairs, conference rooms, tables, break rooms, bathroom facilities and supplies, full time maintenance staff.

    3.  The 100,000 IRS employees will be placed back into the workforce, saving the taxpayers $10 Billion of the IRS federal budget. ($10 Billion divided by 100,000 employees comes to $100,000.00 each.)

    4.  In addition to the above savings, we would also save over 5,000,000,000 pages of paper from being printed, ink by the tons, printing employees, buildings to house the presses, the presses themselves, savings would be to both the federal govt. and the taxpayers by not paying for postage for mailing out over 200,000,000 forms, nor the expense of mailing it back in.  And the final savings would be in the Billions of man hours put in to fill out the forms annually for taxpayers, quarterly for some corporations and monthly for all the rest.  IRS History and Structure

    5.  None of the above includes the expenses of the legal fees for both parties during disputes or even court trials. Additional fees for filing foreclosures, bonding agents, process servers, and when they do confiscate citizen's property, inventory personnel, legal advertisements in local newspapers, auction staff, additional law enforcement personnel for security.

    6. To replace the current boondoggled outmoded bureaucratic system, a national sales tax would be implemented.  This would prevent any failures to pay taxes, as we would all pay as we go.  No foreclosures, no letters, no threats, and no suits.  This would add an additional freedom to the ones we have.  Freedom from the IRS!

    7.  Whatever is currently taxed, will be additionally taxed 10%.  If you are in a low income bracket and your available spending funds are $10,000.00 a year, your national sales taxes would come to $1,000.00 which would be taken out when you made each purchase. If you buy a car for $2,000.00, you would pay the state tax and an additional $200.00 for federal tax.

    8.  If you are in an upper bracket and buy a $100,000,00 car, an additional $10,000.00 would be added to it.  If you have less money to spend, then you pay less taxes.  If you spend a lot you pay more taxes.  A corporate Jet for $1,000,000.00 ($1 million) would have an additional $100,000.00 added for national sales tax.

    9.  All items that are currently not taxable will remain that way.


5.  Environment

    1.  Well we already saved a few forests by no longer printing all the IRS paperwork so let's continue.

    2.  The smog that Californians and others have created over their states affects more than just that one state.  We know that hybrid and electric cars are now being made and are being implemented into our entire nation.  The people and or companies that have literally road blocked this endeavor, are the oil barons and the petroleum industry.

    3.  As gas climbs to over $2.00 a gallon, now is the perfect time to adjust our thinking.  Not only to preserve our environment but to put American industry and ingenuity back to work.

    4.  Manufacturing plants could be reopened to build electric motor engines. Creating cleaner air and putting Americans back to work.  American competition would quickly come up with more and more efficient motors and better power supplies so that in a few short years a family could actually take a vacation in an electric vehicle.  For those who did not know, an electric car can travel at speeds up to 90 mph, and electric trains in Europe and Japan can travel at over 200 mph.

    5.  If and when the time comes that the Green Breasted, Blue Eyed, Chinese Spotted Barn Owl, nests in a forest in our nation where 300 + American families live and earn their living, and because of the beauty of these birds, these families will cease and desist what they are doing, contact the environmentalists involved in this particular species and give them the option to purchase your land, compensate you for your earnings for the next ten years, provide transportation for you and all your belongings to a place you decide, OR they can capture the birds as quick as they can, pay for their transportation to where they live, all before the residents come up with a family recipe.  (Human Beings have a higher priority in this party than birds.  See item # 1 at top of page.)


6.  Foreign Policy

    1.  Our agencies of information gatherers, have told us many things over the last 70 years about events that would affect the United States, but the powers that were and are did not listen to them.  Some of the major blunders were; the raising to power in 1932 of an Austrian who wanted to conquer the world.  Updates to this information were provided in 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1937, 1939, 1940 and 1941.  Yet we avoided getting involved.  Information about Japan and their desire to control everything in the Pacific Ocean was known in 1938, with updates in 1939, 1940 and 1941.  Their are even reports on record (released in 1990) that in August of 1941 their was intelligence that Japan might attack the United States, either at Hawaii or on the California coast.

    2.  In the past 100 years, the United States has assisted almost every nation on the planet earth.  Most say that they owe a great debt and gratitude to the United States and yet only one has ever tried to pay us back.  In fact most of the billions and billions of dollars owed to the USA was graciously forgiven with the shake of the hand by one congress or another.

    3.  Now our president has asked congress for an "additional" $87 Billion to rebuild Iraq.  Just prior to the Iraqi Freedom fight, our "friends" the Saudi's requested $30 Million so we could use their air space to protect them from the fleeing Iraqis.  Of course we also paid $14 Million requested by Iran and another $16 Million to others so we could begin the air strike against Iraq.  Our congress with both democrats and republicans voted rather quickly to give the $87 Billion for another country in trouble, but it took them 3 years to come up with $50 million to ease the financial pain of our senior citizens with social security.

    4.  Give foreign aid to only those strategic countries (in order to avoid imminent threat of international instability) and our allied nations.  For economic development purposes we should rely on American businesses, which are interested in doing business with the respective counties.  It is not our responsibility as taxpayers to bail the world out of their economic trouble.  Americans have always given generously to ease the hardships of those in other countries.  Americans can continue to do so through charitable donations anywhere in the world.


7.  Immigration

    1.  Medical care to anyone here illegally shall be limited to only that care needed to stabilize them in life threatening situations, long enough to return them to their home country.  The current practice of waving through medical problems at the border shall be discontinued – they can be a security risk, and they should be denied entry.


    2.  In order to eliminate incentives we have created for ILLEGAL immigration, American citizenship shall not be granted to children of illegal aliens, because they were able to cross our border just prior to birth, they shall be citizens of their home country.  The only benefit to be given to illegal aliens shall be legal defense for criminal matters, as we would provide to any indigent individual. 


    3.  We spend over 24 billion dollars a year on benefits to illegal aliens, that money could be put to use for our own citizens.   We need to enforce our immigration laws by giving mandatory one-year jail sentences for illegal immigrants who are caught, before they are deported.  A slap on the wrist and "Try Again" will not discourage anyone.  In addition; The illegal could be deported immediately and the sentence would be held in abeyance for  10 years during that time, the illegal would be barred for 10 years from entering any type of programs allowing aliens to enter the US for work or education.  This will create an incentive to obey the law and reward those immigrants who go by the law.  Otherwise we are sending the wrong message to all those who would immigrate here illegally.  The one year sentence should be spent doing something constructive for America, like planting trees in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Nevada.

Click here for the solution to stopping business's from using illegal labor.


8.  Legislation

    1.  New bills brought before congress, shall have a maximum of 5 additions/amendments/attachments to it, only if those additions/amendments/attachments are related to the actual purpose of the bill.  This will prevent the pork barreling done by many representatives who many times add hundreds of attachments to a much needed bill and has no relationship to that bill.


    2.  Term Limits:  United States Congressmen shall be limited to three, two-year terms.  Since we feel we do not need career Congressmen any more than we need a career President, these limits are reasonable.  Since we do not want career Congressmen, there is no need to provide them with a retirement.  Since their salaries are ample they can be on social security like everyone else.


9.  Free Speech

    1.  To allow non-profit service organizations like VFW, DAV, AmVets, American Legion and Military Retirees, to have back their first amendment rights including "Free Speech" and not be penalized or threatened by the govt. to keep their voice quiet about political activities.


10. Employment/Business

    1.  To stop the out flow of jobs and companies, by withdrawing the NAFTA agreement and putting back into effect import taxes on all goods. 

    2.  The import taxes will provide our federal government with funds in lieu of income taxes (see #4).

    3.  The cost of doing business with the United States for companies shipping products to us will go up, which will have them building their plants on US soil to provide jobs and security for Americans.

    4.  To insure that "ALL" products and services for federal, state, county and city government agencies, are purchased from American Companies who manufactures the products in the United States.


More to come