Welfare is a very important issue in the United States of America, in fact, for a whole lot of people, it is their sole income.


Here are some of the ways we can change their lot in life, give them back their dignity and pride, give them a way to get out of the downward spiral of the welfare system and provide them a way to EARN their position in the community and control their own destiny. 


(Side Note: We are not talking about American Citizens who are in their 70's, 80's or 90's. Nor are we speaking about those Americans born handicapped or those who became so later on.) (Social Security, for those who paid into it, is not "welfare" it is funds that the individual had taken from his pay for years in order to help provide for his/her family.)


1.   We must re-train those currently on welfare to understand that their job is "not" to stand in lines to get additional Welfare. ALL welfare will be changed to Workfare.


2.   Workfare Agencies will join with Private and Government Employment Agencies and Employment Search Engines like and to find work best suited for each individual.   


      3.   Those individuals who need retraining, while attending a retraining program, will along with their spouse and children if applicable, will be provided with shelter in the form of an apartment or small home. 


      4.   All costs for local telephone service, electric, water, garbage removal, sewer, and child care if needed, and required and necessary school supplies, and school meal vouchers for their minor children attending Public Schools will be paid for by the Government. 


5.   Sufficient Food Stamps will also be issued monthly, and all Medical and Limited Dental Care will also be provided.  Monthly bus passes or up to $75 per month will be provided for transportation to work.  Funds for car maintenance or repairs will not be provided.


6.   While in retraining, Workfare recipients will receive a small but reasonable monthly cash stipend to be used for essential miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses.


      7.   Once the individual completes his or her training Program, they will be required to report 5-days per week to a Government or Private Employment Office where Counselors will help them prepare a Resume, and set up interviews with prospective employers for work which the counselors believe they are qualified. 


      8.   Workfare recipients must accept the first job offered to them by any prospective Government or Private Employer.  Failure to do so will immediately place the Workfare recipient on “Probation” and subject them to being disqualified from the entire Workfare Program including Free Housing and all the amenities.


9.   To avoid disqualification, Workfare recipients must accept the next employment position offered to them by a Government or Private Counselor program, or find a job on their own within 30-days of rejecting the first job offered to them.  Failure to meet this deadline will be cause for Workfare Officials to file for “Due Process” Eviction of the Workfare recipient and their family members from their home or apartment.


10.   Workfare recipients who already have job skills or who reject retraining, will have 60-days to find and accept a job either on their own or through Workfare Counselors.


11.   Workfare recipients must make-up a budget and stick with it.  If they cannot make ends meet further assistance will be given to them to get a better paying job if they have the qualifications for it or find one on their own, or on their own volition, they can find a second part-time job.


12.   After a Workfare recipient has worked 90-days, based on a “sliding-scale” of their Gross Monthly Wages, Workfare recipients will be charged for rent, utilities, telephone service, electric, water, garbage removal, sewer, and child care if needed, and required and necessary school supplies, and school meal vouchers.


       13.   Any major or minor damage outside or inside of the Dwelling and its Premises, caused by weather, lightening, accidents, vandalism, or the negligence or misconduct of the Workfare recipient or his or her family members or their guest's, must be reported within 24-hours so it can be repaired by Government Contractors. 


       14.   If it is found that the damage was due to Unintentional negligence, then the Workfare recipient will have to pay for the cost of the damage from his or her earnings based on a sliding-scale of gross income. 


15.   If it is found that the damage was due to intentional negligence or misconduct, then the Workfare recipient will not only have to pay for the damage, but will also be placed on Probation, and will be required to pay a “Security Deposit” of $500.


16.   A second incident of intentional negligence or misconduct causing major damage will result in “Due Process” Eviction.


            17.   If at any time Workfare Officials have evidence that illegal drugs are being purchased, used or sold by the Workfare recipient or his or her guests in the dwelling or anywhere else on the Premises, will result in “Due Process” Eviction.


18.   If at any time Workfare Officials have evidence that the Workfare recipient has failed to meet the Obligations of the Tenant as set forth in the States’ Landlord and Tenant Act, or has failed to obey the Housing and other Policies and Rules set forth by Workfare Officials, including but not limited to “Breaching the Peace” by the Workfare recipient or his or her guests, will result in a written warning for the first violation, and “Due Process” Eviction for the second violation.


19.   At any time that the family has a stable income and has been able to put money into a savings account, they will be given the option to purchase the home they are in, or can move to a larger Workfare home (if available) and pay a higher amount OR... buy a home on the open market, receiving a credit rating from the Workfare Program.


       20.   All Workfare recipients will be required to sign a Contract stating that they agree to all of the above prior to being accepted into the Workfare Program.


21.  The Workfare Program is "NOT" open to anyone except American Citizens!


A special thanks to Terry Richards for his input on this page.


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