Veterans Stand Alone against our Government

and our Present Politicians


(A series of editorials regarding the egregious behavior of our own government against Veterans, especially our Department of Veterans Affairs used as a government gauntlet.)


Found Smith, Joseph D. -SP4 70-71 B Battery

Joseph is looking for Sergi, William T. -SP4 70-71 B Battery

"Welcome Home" to Joseph and welcome to the site for Joseph and his wife Debbie. 

Any of you fellows that served with the 1/83rd they are also trying to get something started:  contact

Did not give me his name.

Lieutenant Richard T. Clary as it turns out was originally scheduled to depart with the Battalion in 1966.  Had a boating accident and was disabled during the departure.  He was operated on and later rejoined the battalion a few years later.  Richard was in the same OCS class (11-66) as many of the original junior officer corps.  Cube mate with Greg during OCS.  Apparently, these fellows that are left had been looking for Richard since the web site started about four years ago.  I think that only leaves Cary Jackson and Ron Dacus of the original officers we have not found in that original unit.  The rest we have found although some of them passed away early, as did Richard from brain cancer.  While my assessment of the data shows a significant increase in this disorder the VA still denys brain cancers. Then of course we lost Major Meredith this past year out of this group - no doubt from toxin damages.

Would be nice if all the years were as complete as the original unit, including the enlisted fellows.  I believe all of the officers of D Battery have been found.  Of course that was for the 10 months they were with the battalion.

Both LTC Swearengen (B Battery CO and LNO), and former Captain Steele (S1) remember the Captain although Mark indicates he did not remember him as Richard.  I think he was with one of the firing batteries for a time and then took over the same slot Captain Jabo had over in Battalion Maintenance.  Not right after he was killed but the same slot.  If I ever get this book done and out the door I can get back on information like this in our command chronology.  My best guess is he may have been with A Battery for a while.

Since both LTC Swearengen and Captain Steele remember the Captain, I think that must mean he came over in the second year.  My best guess is after Doug Meredith and Bob Blean left in April - May time frame in 67.  Since they were part of the original outfit and extended they would have known Richard.  As Linda suggested I think it was late 67 when he came in.  Captain Jabo HHB was killed in May of 68 and Richard may have filled his spot eventually.  What other battery he served with I am at a loss unless it was A Battery.  Richard would have been eligible for Captain in June of 68 I think.  At least the original fellows have found out about him now.  In what chronologies I do have done I have no replacement for Captain Jabo.  Remember I started those posted chronologies by inclusive battalion dates and then realized it was too complicated and am converting, when I get back to it, by Battalion Commander inclusive dates.  Which by default pretty much gives a six-month snap shot.  I think I can track it that way much easier.

C Battery commanders during one period were lasting about 6 weeks or less.  I guess they had that battery pretty much on target.  I think there was three or four wounded in rapid succession.  I had forgot that until I was reviewing the chronology again.    

Richard Suave is making some phone calls for Glenda and hopefully we can find some other members.  Thanks to Richard for volunteering.

Apparently, that free VA computer for 100% disabled is a disingenuous game by VA.

Marine Sergeant Hoskins writes in that several of our I Corps Marines called on that computer deal and the first thing they do is reopen the case for reemployment and you will have to fight the fight all over again.  Like the Veteran is the one with no integrity.  With a 40-year history of total VA corruption, the Veteran is the one with no integrity?????? 

One of these days, I will learn myself about repeating anything out of that outfit.  That anything out of the VA administration is just a propaganda game.

Time that agency was brought to its knees but that will not happen as long as they are used as an instrument of government mandated budget constraints for obsolete government assets; Veterans expenditures.  I prove that unequivocally with what they have done over the last 40 years in our toxin issues and the Gulf War neurotoxin issues.  Just despicable what this federal agency is allowed to get away with.

Glenda heard on TV that the egg-sucking dog Principi has announced four more years of study for our Gulf War fellows while they canceled the study that stress was the problem.  Stress in a war that took hours??????  54% are estimated to have the same or similar medical issues.  Four more years of corrupted government study while more die off or become disabled with no help.  Just absolutely, no common sense used - only more stalling.

I did check with a lawyer in going after some of these folks as individuals that I know changed scientific medical conclusions or those involved in finding an issue and then do not report it in the actual published reports that are used in compensations.  I asked about the VA changing records, pulling records, or saying the files or part of the files were lost in order to deny a claim and then find "destory this" written across the top of the Veterans claim.  The lawyer indicated they, including the VA employees, are under the same protection umbrella as the government officials.  Veterans cannot sue for veteran's issues no matter what it costs in lives or disabling.  Now how convenient is that?  Again, enter the Feres Doctrine and Senator Arlin Specter.

I am trying to build a website with some information on it as there maybe a law firm that is interested in going after some of these pin heads not as individuals but the way, processes used, they associate the toxin damages, or in our case disassociate our toxin damages.  I think I can be a big help in that respect.

The same things happen back in the 80's with a California court.  The court ruled in favor of the Veterans that the VA was going way out of line demanding "cause and effect" when even normal non Military court cases do not demand such evidence.  The VA did not counter the court findings.  They simply rewrote the CFR giving the VA complete control and even made it more difficult to associate any toxin damages.  I personally think they screwed up as they only included the chemical formula for dioxin.

At the same time to further counter VA claims, they started this US Court of Veterans Appeals, which is nothing, but a kangaroo court with the VA counselors allowed to say anything without proof.  The VA adjudicators can overrule your evidence by giving more weight to the medically astute secretary of the VA (conflict of interest) and the government contracted NAS/IOM (conflict of interest) have stated.

As I pointed out to Charles Stephenson the other night in our conversation these so-called government studies, they only take serum samples for dioxin.  They do not exclude the other toxins.  So even when they find something, and then conveniently do not report it.  It means nothing as an association to dioxin.  Being a purist in testing and characterization - it only means that toxin service in Vietnam caused the issues.  That is the only common data point.  Even if they find a cause and effect, which they totally deny they are looking for anyway, that simply means that dioxin was part of the toxin equation.

When you start looking at what some the benzene toxin families can do alone and then add in rust inhibitors of nitrosamine (AW) (which there are additional warnings of even adding this stuff to herbicide sprays) and then only do serum samples of dioxin then this over 300 million dollars spent becomes a joke.  The benzene family alone is noted for many forms of leukemia including CLL, Hodgkin's and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, other Lymphomas, blood disorders, fibrosis, and others.  Now that ought to sound familiar since most of those cancers the VA has deemed associated with dioxin exposure alone.  As I have reported some of our most disabled were spraying the perimeters with White not Orange.

I did manage to get off a letter with evidence and enclosures to some of the congressmen on the oversight committee; Lane, Shays, and Sanders.  Indicating and identifying examples of fraud, corruption, scientific misconduct, within the VA and this little deal with the VA and the NAS/IOM, and the Ranch Hand Reports.  I requested that the NAS/IOM and Ranch Hand connection be investigated as compared to what other nations have indicated including this new Korean report, which did not look for cause and effect; only diagnosed medical data.  Also not run by a GAO statistician but medical doctors.  Do any good?  No but this committee, at least these three, seem to have a little more integrity than the members on our Veterans Affairs committees.  Notice I said seemed to have more integrity.

Other than that - been pretty much in and out, the past few weeks with these pain killers for the side.

Had an inquiry regarding Robin Gates.  As you know Robin died this past year from toxin cancers.  His wife almost immediately cancelled his AOL account so those trying to get a hold of her - she just bailed out totally.  I do not know how to get back to her and I am not sure she wanted any contact.  I tried to help in getting her $300 bucks a month reinstated for the 8 year gate the VA puts on a two to five year mortality cancer but there is little I could do.  There is another nice little touch the VA uses to steal money even in death.  I had built a webpage for his truck she was trying to sell but I need to delete that, as I am not sure she is even there anymore.

Thanks to those that are sending in their toxin medical associations - it all helps in showing just how wrong the government has been.  However, of course they already know that - we must prove it.  If you have not done so, please take the time to do it.

One of my New Zealand contacts just sent in a 300 page document "Select Committee Transcripts of evidence".  Where the New Zealand Government is finally admitting and taking evidence of their guys that were even in the same area of spraying.   Christ almighty here these guys were attached to the Aussies with their arty support and the Aussies were recognized 3 decades ago.  The drift rate for this stuff was 13 miles and unless the Kiwis have some real gone 105 mm Howitzers that can shoot over 13 miles and unless every fire mission was at least 13 miles then the logic for the 4 decades of denial of exposures is just a crime.  Then as I told you to boot the New Zealand government actually had the evidence in their archives; they just indicated that no one had asked for it.  My gut feel is they fessed up because of the new completion of the spray records by the Columbia University AO researchers that our government had said was impossible to do.  Also references to the Aussie Government had used the same Monsanto fradulent studies that showed no problems.  The same ones our government used with great fanfare and vigor to deny and then when they were found fraudulent along with the DOW fraudulent studies the silence was deafening from our government.  Yet these chemical companies go unpunished except for indivdual non-military court cases.  Little support there from our government for these corrupt companies, you betcha!

One of the New Zealanders was testifying and stated to their politicians that their military record of accomplishments and sacrifices is noted by the saying:  "Less We Forget".  He then said for the Vietnam fellows the new government saying should be:  "Best We Forget".  A classic for our toxin legacy.

The other thing I have noticed in the Aussie and then discussed in the New Zealand transcripts is "Strongyloides".  I did not take much stock in it until I found here in the New Zealand guys also.  Apparently this is nothing new as many after WW2 had this stuff from serving in the Asian theaters.  This is a digestive system parasite that can bring you down also.  In fact they noted that any Veterans going for chemo must be checked for this stuff before as the chemo will destroy the immune system and then this parasite will have a tremedous increase and in turn kill the Veteran.  Now so far I have not seen anyone at the VA talk about this parasite that seems to have little or no cure.  Not that I would expect any out of that outfit. Symptoms are similar to IBS.

The other thing I found curious was a reference to vascular and heart disease that they say the Americans found a connection.  We know the Korean report found just an overwhelming connection.  My question would be then why is it not on our VA list????????????????  Enter the contracted NAS/IOM once again????????

I did find the Aussies are awarding a lot more birth defects and the Aussies and the Kiwis were discussing the gastrointestinal cancers and brain cancers.  Also neuron diseases, which our government and the VA totally denies.

Saw on the history channel last night the feds have spent over 9 billion dollars in toxin clean-ups by these companies and yet they still defend them.  78 million just on the Love Canal, NY screw-up.   I did not see any data on the Times Beach, Mo screw-up.   The Air Force Base on Guam as I recall was a couple of million bucks alone.


As you may recall I announced the passing of Louis Popielarcheck of D Battery (B/6/27) in June of this year.   I do not know if it was toxin caused or not.

Received a nice e-mail from his nephew just recently as follows:  

My name is CPT Joseph Popielarcheck, Currently serving as a Company Commander of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Company.
I found your web site in reference to the soldiers of the 2nd of the 94th Artillery.  As you may or may not know my uncle Louis who served in that unit.  I was really close to my uncle, unfortunately as your web site stated my Uncle Lou passed on this past June.  I myself just returned from Iraq and I was never able to see my Uncle before his passing.

I was interested in perhaps establishing some sort of communication with some of you who served with my uncle in Vietnam. 

Prior to deploying to Iraq, I also served in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan.  During my time, there my Uncle Lou would often tell me briefly about his combat stories and I would do the same.  During this time, his letters were very comforting as you can imagine.

He and I came from a very big family and he and I were the only ones who served and fought for our country.

In closing, I would like to find out a little more about his and his fellow brothers experiences.  I really appreciate your time and I salute you for establishing a web site to honor the soldiers of the 2nd of the 94th. 


Unfortunately, our list of D Battery fellows is not very long.

I can point out to the Captain that at

There is an hour-long audio clip of the battle between the Army/Marine arty composite group that went up to Gio Linh and the massed NVA artillery that his uncle took part in on Apr 27 1967.  That battle went on for months with all batteries being involved both firing from Gio Linh as they rotated in and out and firing from Carroll in support; but this day Apr 27 1967 was particularly ferocious.  The 105-counter fire was by C/1/12.

Also if the Captain would pass on our thanks to his men from our battalion for their service to our country during these trying times.  God speed to all of them!

As some of you may or may not know.  Marine Sgt Hoskins C/1/12 is writing a book on those artillery fights up at Gio Linh.  I think that is the first book, with details, that will be written regarding Vietnam and the massive artillery fights along the DMZ during operation HIGH RISE.  Might be the first book regarding the subject of Vietnam arty - period.  I am sure all Vietnam Arty Veterans will want a copy of Sgt Hoskin's book when he gets it complete.

In our history, it is not clear which one of our Batteries fired first into North Vietnam that made the enemy so darn mad.  B/6/27 is given credit in the Plateau Outpost for knocking out a AAA site in North Vietnam from Carroll and even had press release.  Yet, B Battery was first up at Gio Linh and claims credit.  I think it may come down to authorized versus unauthorized and what was determined to be North Vietnam versus the DMZ.  Eventually I will sort that out with the help of Charles Stephenson and his maps and the 12th regiment firing records.

Marine SGT Hoskins sent us a classified report that I have posted at:

I believe this is talking about the B/6/27 firings at the AAA sites and then of course Operation HIGHRISE.  Initial reports show the battalion firing 1180 fire missions with 17,681 rounds expended.  Soooooon that is a lot of tubes shot out in three months or less!

It does give the coordinates at YD 047808.  Charles Stephenson if you would plot that out for me and see were in the heck it is - it might straighten out who shot first and where.

I did get my notice for an echogram for my right side swelling.  Scheduled for February 2005!  Going to try and convince them to do it when I go in this December for the echogram heart tests.

I did get my signed VA doctors statement for Diabetes Type II from the Atlanta VA hospital, finally.  Got it in back the mail today to the VA administration.  Be interesting to see how long that takes to process, if at all, since I am one of the ostracized Veterans that will not take their BS.

The secretary of the VA has stated the VA does not retaliate against Veterans that speak out against them.  Horse Hockey! 

How about:  "You will die before we award you any benefits."  Sound just a tad bit retaliatory to anyone??????

Glenda got my color ink cartridges so I can continue with my book edit prints for Ernie and get them out to him.  Have some more incriminating evidence to add to Chapter 5.  I found the 1996 through 2001 Ranch Hand transcripts.  I had the 2003 and 2004 transcripts but could not locate the 2002 transcripts.  Must have been bad.  I found these pinhead scientists laughing at the fact the Air Force was going to change the results, which I told you already.  Now I find statements such as, "The VA is not going to want to pay for that."  Scientific facts denied because the VA will not want to pay for it????????????  That tells me a scientific study now involves politics.  Along with going back to 1989 and looking at the announcements we have now; and seeing the VA had already calculated the amount of estimated Veterans and the cost factors before announcing.  Scientists looking at political views and the VA calculating costs before the announcements adds up to politics and money - not the scientific truth.

This begs the qustion to be asked:  If for hodgkin's disease the cost was estimated at 26 million dollars.  If it was 126 million dollars would that cancer still be denied using govenment power and the continual changing of dose rates and exposures index's.  From as close as I can tell even the announcement of that cancer was about 12 years delayed by stalling.   Probably not a humane thing to do when some of those cancers are a two to five year mortality cancers. 

Talked to Ernie some on the phone and he wants me to put a comparison of the Korean AO study for compensations and how our government does its corrupted studies for compensations in the book.  Totally different in the way they are done and the most obvious thing is the lack of quality assurance provisions and integrity in our own studies; that and statistical associations versus cause and effect. No court in the land demands cause and effect except the VA; after our toxin legacy.

I am putting together an association to liver bile duct cancer for one of the widows that contacted me.  The VA is denying her husband on this issue.  The one constant for dioxin damages besides birth defects has been liver infiltration with bile duct blockage causing bile duct cancers.  Just need to stay awake long enough and have the energy to get that done.

Greg was talking to Glenda and ask about a site counter.  We had one when I was under Will's site and we had worked our way up to No 3 on the top 100 arty sites. 

I went on my own server and just never had any interest in counts.  We must have a bunch because not too long after I post anything it comes up on the search engines and I never signed up for any.

I did want to add that in a few weeks I might have another blood test for those suffering from this god-awful chronic fatigue, nerve damage, joint damages, muscle wasting, etc.  Including some of you that have early bone damages and deterioration.  It seems that the person I work with at the  Veterans Affairs medical staff is finally starting to listen to me at some level.  In reading some of my write-ups that are on the VA computer in my files she indicated no one had done the celiac-sprue autoimmune test which I had indicated that may be a possible explanation; since after over one year no one could tell my why!  It seems the first test came back positive and I have to go in for a second test this next week.  It takes about ten days for the test to come back.  By the way anything you say while talking to a VA doctor is on your VA records just in case you did not know that.  While in most cases it probably does not make a difference - just keep that in mind. 

Especially for you fellows that show any signs of gastrointestinal issue.  Although there is such a thing as "silent celiac-sprue autoimmune condition" were you might not show all the classic signs but will show some the signs of the side effects.

These secondary symptoms are neuropathy, joint damages, chronic fatigue, B12, B6, B1 and E wasting.  Also premature bone wasting and damage, along with autoimmunity, etc.  EPA has suggested a B12, B6 and E issue with dioxin that your body, no matter how much you have - you can no longer absorb these essential minerals and vitamins in your cell building processes.  Long-term damage is serious stuff.

It also seems that the antibody IgA is involved in this damaging process at some level. 

It seems that neurologist do not use this or overlook this test in determining the possible cause of small axonal nerve fiber damages causing painful neuropathy.

Remember the Khe Sanh Marine that called the gastrointestinal center and they indicated they estimated 80% came home with some sort of intestinal issue.

Anyway will keep you posted on what I find out on that little deal.  I for one will be glad if it does come back positive so at least one disorder will be identified.  Shamed to have to say that but I am tired of not knowing the why!

As you can tell, I for one and not convinced diabetes is the only cause of our neuropathy conditions.  Especially after finding the Korean AO study that indicated associations to neuropathy and dioxin at 96% while the diabetes/neuropathy, connection to dioxin was only at 76%.  While not proof; it certainly lends itself to my questions of this continual denial by our own VA that neuropathy cannot be a stand-alone and must be tied to diabetes to get compensations.

Ernie Spencer, former D Company 26th Marine commander just got married recently and our best wishes to him and his new bride.

For those of you fighting the VA you might want to check with

DON WARSHAW, VSO/Veterans Advocate

Don's e-mail is

He may be able to help you and has a super record against the VA were I am at a loss on some of this stuff and can only tell you they are corrupt; he might actually be able to get something done for you. This includes widows also.

In talking with him in a few e-mails I can tell you he knows what is going on at the VA and some of these so called advocates.   Other than that and the record he has posted that is all I know - so ask your own questions and come to your own conclusions.  Again I do not know if his record is against VA on named diseases and disorders or those that should be named and VA recognized.  

Thinking about sending him my preliminary briefing for my BVA.  Maybe I can get some help also.

The only thing I can do is tear down their corrupt evidence and then present my own medical evidence going back to 1949.  The problem is everyone associated is associated with the same corrupt evidence and total bias.  But I will march on and get it done, I will guarantee you that. No doubt I will lose but they will have been put on notice.  I have asked for at least a thirty day notice to allow me to get some folks there at the hearing just to see how one sided this thing is.

For you fellows that wanted me to get a PTSD evaluation as did apparently two of my VA doctors, which shocked me.  Guess some of my anger showed through or something.  After I got my records from the VA I did indeed read that in the files with some sort of grade of preliminary 3, whatever that means.  I did find I have been on a waiting list for evaluation for two months now, which again was news to me!!!!!!!!  You would think they would tell you!!!  More waste of my time and energy I have left.    Not that I think I have it at all compared to some of you fellows and what you went through but dealing with the VA and the government and showing my ass a few times at this lack of medical diagnosis after one year and have certainly given me nothing that helps me; I just may have developed a raging case of Irish Temper government/VA associated PTSD! Ha Ha Ha

Anyway that will be an interesting interview.  Keep you posted on that little deal whenever and if that takes place.  

Best to all you guys and gals.

Back to the book.



    Charles Kelley

    DMZ 67-68

    VPA Georgia