These are the actual by-laws for the state.  They are short to the point and meet all the requirements of most states.  Do not try to reinvent the wheel and avoid long drawn out stuff. (some by-laws run as much as 100+ pages only making the process longer, as they read and inspect each page.) (Don't worry if it is not precisely what you want, that is why we have amendments.) 



1.1    The name of this Political Organization is Veterans Party of America (VET).


2.1    To promote Freedom, Justice and the American way.


2.2    To restore the meaning to the phrase, “Of The People, By The People and

          For The People”


2.3    To give political voice to those who were willing to give their lives for the

         freedoms that all Americans enjoy.  To return the leadership to

         those who led the destiny of this great nation during its darkest hours,

         and permit them to continue to lead this nation through its brightest days.                       


2.4    To allow those who guided the destiny of our nation during battle, now

         permitting them to create their own destiny in politics and how a nation

         should treat its heroes.


3.1    Eligibility for membership is open to anyone who is of legal age to vote in the state,

        and MUST be in at least one of the following categories;

a.       A Current member of the United States Armed Forces

b.       A Veteran of the United States Armed Forces

c.        A Family member or Friend of a Veteran, or

d.        A Proud American


4.1    State Executive Committee meetings will be held annually at a location

         agreed upon by the members of the committee, or by a special call of

         the Committee.


         a.   The Executive Committee will be comprised of the following elected

               officers; Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.


4.2    County Executive Committee meetings will be held monthly at a location

         agreed upon by the members of the Committee, or by a special call of

         the Committee.


  a.  Meetings shall be announced at least 10 days in advance, with the

                    following methods allowed; Mail, Phone (must speak to party member,

                    no messages left on machines) and E-mail.


                b.   The Executive Committee is comprised of the following elected officers;

                      Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.


                c.    The membership of this county organization shall consist of all party

                       members residing in that county who attend the party county meetings.


          d.    Within each county there are precincts.  Each precinct may have a

                 Committeeman and Committeewoman, with alternates for each, voted

                 on by the party members of that county. Each county committeeman or

                 committeewoman (and their alternates) shall be a resident of the precinct

                 from which he or she is elected.


4.3    Any person not a member of the party shall not serve as an Officer, or represent the Party.


5.1   For all decisions that affect each individual county organization or state committee a vote of at least 51% of the quorum present shall be accepted.  Abstentions will be counted as part of the percentage.

a.  A quorum shall consist of at least two elected officers and seven additional party members.

b.  Any item brought to vote but failing for lack of getting 51% of the quorum present, shall be returned to its authors, and may be adjusted and brought before the membership at a future time, to be voted on again.


6.1   In partisan races, the Veterans Party of America (VET) can endorse and finance only political candidates who run as members of the Veterans Party of America.

6.2    Individual members shall always be free to support or assist candidates of any party.


7.1   This State's Constitution shall be the ruling document for all Veterans Party of America (VET) organizations within this State. This Constitution is severable in that if any portion hereof be declared void, all other portions shall remain binding and effective.

7.2   No County organization shall establish another Constitution, but it shall establish its own County Bylaws, providing that such Bylaws do not contradict this State Constitution in any way.

7.3   Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be followed at all Conventions and formal meetings unless the voting Officers and Members at such meetings decide otherwise and shall be a guiding document for all other matters when not in contradiction to this Constitution. A Parliamentarian may be appointed by the Chairman to rule on questions and interpretation of said rules.



8.1  Proposed amendments or revisions to the by-laws may be filed with the State Committee by any active  Member of the Party no later than two months prior to the State Annual Convention or State Semi-Annual Convention.


8.2  Voting for such amendments shall use the rules in Article V. (5.1) (a) (b).


9.1    The Chair shall create committees as needed to facilitate the purpose and objectives of the Veterans Party of America (VET).

9.2    Committee Chairs shall be appointed upon majority vote of the Executive Committee.

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