The Veterans Party of America
Why We Failed;
The Veterans Party of America was a concept built on high ideals with the pillar of its foundation based on Patriotism for this Great Country!  It all began with just TWO Veterans in Saint Petersburg, Florida, back in the Summer of 2003.
Not democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, Christian, Baptist, Hindu or Jew... Just Pride in a Country that stood out from all the others on this planet we call Earth.
However, there were people out there with no other goal than to bring us down.  In 2003 when we first began, there was a lot of interest for the Veterans Party in Texas from all over that state.  One man came forward to become the State Chair of Texas.  He was a lawyer by the name of Jones, who was actually a representative of the republican party of Texas.  Without remorse or guilt, he told lie after lie, telling us of a statewide board that never existed, meetings that did not happen and turning interested parties against us... He destroyed everything we hoped to accomplish for Texas, in about a year.
We thought we learned our lesson when Washington state, Oregon, Alaska and several others came on board... But these men and women who spoke proud words and provided us with smoke and mirrors... REFUSED to provide basic information to their OWN state election commission, nor to the national.  Thus once again providing lies about their mission, their background, even their citizenship.
There was even a so called Reverend from North Carolina who refused to provide a copy of his drivers license so he could be shown to be a resident of that state as he was going to be the State Chairman.
Things dragged on with only a few people willing to invest the time, sincerity and funds needed to get this new political ideal up and running.
With more people vying for power rather than helping... The average American Citizen were willing to follow good leadership... But those who came forward to be leaders were only interested in themselves.
The rest as they say is history.  It has been TEN years since this Idea & Ideal was set in motion, but now we realize, it is not meant to be.
To ALL those who have Served in the United States Military, We Salute You!  To the Family Member of those who Served... Thank You for supporting them while they were in Harm's way, Protecting OUR Freedoms and our way of an American life.
To those of you who are still looking to make a buck off of someone else's labor or just want a free handout...  Have you thought about moving to another country?
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We Support the entire Wish-List of all National Veteran's organizations!
The difference is: WE Can Actually Make Wishes Come True!
          WE Are the New Agenda of the American Political Scene!